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PTFE Quality

Offering continuous improvements and value stream mapping, we guarantee our PTFE products to be of the highest quality. We offer innovative technology features such as advanced blending techniques, superior sourcing and flow properties, impurity removal and tighter control of particle size and distribution to name a few.

All of these features provide our customers with a wide array of product benefits which include, but are not limited to, minimized performance variation, shorter sintering cycles, increased wear resistance, as well as electrical conductivity and heat transfer capabilities. We are confident that our superior, ISO compliant PTFE products provide our customers with many production advantages such as increased productivity and increased machine tool life cycles.

Each lot of a finished compound receives a certificate of analysis for your reference and approval. The certificate of analysis includes the specific gravity, tensile strength, elongation, shrink, bulk density, as well as other values that may be important to you and your specific application. We will also retain a sample of material from each lot of material we produce for a minimum of one year. The retained sample will enable additional testing of your material to be performed in the future if required.

We understand and recognize the importance of quality to our customers. Flontech USA is proud to have achieved the ISO 9001:2008 certification. This important milestone is a companywide initiative to achieve total quality management and reflects Flontech USA’s commitment to delivering consistent, high-quality products, processes, and service to its customers.

We encourage you to contact Flontech USA today and find out why we continue to be the leaders in PTFE compounding technology and quality PTFE compound production.

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General Capabilities

Continuous Improvements
Value Stream Mapping


Advanced Blending Techniques
Control of Particle Size - Tightly Controller with Laser Verification

Finer Fillers

Finer PTFE

Improved Hoogenicity

Removal Of Impurities

Superior Flow Properties

Superior Sourcing

Uniform Filler Distribution


Increased Production Rates
Increased Productivity

Minimized Performance Variation

Increased Heat Transfer

Increased Electrical Conductivity

Increased Compressive Strength

Lower Thermal Expansion

Shorter Sintering Cycles

Lower Perform Pressures

Increased Engineering Properties

Increased Wear Resistance

Increased Hardness

Lower Deformation or Creep

Absorb Small Amounts of Moisture

Less Time to Perform and Sinter

Increased productivity in most operations

Improved Surface Finishes

Lower Preform Pressures/Lower Compression Ratio

Higher physical Properties

Increased machine tool life cycles

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Industry Standards

ISO 9001
TS 16049

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